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Congdon Street has several ministries and programs for everyone—in all seasons of life.

If you are curious about this thing called "church," or looking for a safe, nurturing place to form relationships and learn teachings rooted in scripture there is a place for you here. Perhaps you are a young family looking for others like you to share life with. Or maybe you're an "empty nester"…whatever the season of life, we have a place you'll fit right in. Go ahead and look around our site. Each page features a different part of our church that makes us a family here at CSBC.


Not sure where to go from here? We'll get you started [we're so happy that you're here!]


Great! Text CSBCjoin to 84576 or fill out the form below. We also have info about baptism & a monthly connection class for new members.

Tap here if you need prayer, or to request to speak with someone.

Tap here if you’re looking for opportunities to volunteer within the church!