Free Food and Supplies for Seniors in Need

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To our Congdon Street members and anyone else in need:

“Family Service of Rhode Island (FSRI) is delivering FREE fresh vegetables, fruits, cleaning supplies and PPE for seniors in need. As the number of COVID cases begins to rise again across the country, we want to make sure that RI seniors have what they need to stay safe.

While singles can apply for a delivery by calling 401-462-4444, groups can contact 401-519-2283 to schedule a group delivery.  Below are some quick facts about the program.

  1. FSRI is highly responsive and has a lot of capacity to get deliveries out across the state whenever needed.

  2. FSRI can deliver for the seniors, their caregivers, and others in the household (check out the eligibility, not hard to qualify for this).

  3. The boxes contain FRESH fruits & vegetables (good for people with dietary restrictions e.g. diabetes), personal care items (alcohol swabs, etc.) and masks, cleaning supplies, etc.

  4. The boxes, deliveries, etc are all free.

  5. FSRI calls each senior to set up a time convenient for the senior to make the delivery and ask about special needs; and then call again the day of delivery to confirm;

  6. FSRI deliveries are in refrigerated trucks to preserve freshness even on the hottest days.

  7. Right now, each senior in RI is entitled to get this service twice.

*Please see attached flyers for more information.”

-LaJuan Allen